5 great BUDGET holiday destinations

In these tough economic times most of us can only dream of going on an overseas holiday, right? Well, think again. The following is a list of surprisingly affordable holiday destinations. All of these places are VISA friendly for Filipinos and provide some real bang for your buck.

I have also included my favorite places to stay and a rough budget, just to give you a guide of the costs. Please note, these costs are an estimate only and it would pay to do your own research too. So here we go, here are the 5 budget conscious, VISA friendly, wonderful countries to visit. Also don’t forget to view my blog on places you have to add to your bucket list

5. Cambodia


Although you wont find great beaches in easy reach, you will find a country with a story to tell and fascinating temples and landscapes to show you. The food is amazing, if not a little adventurous, the people are warm and accommodating and the history is extremely sobering. This country has opened its doors and arms to tourists and if you take time to get to know the people you will love this wonderful country.

Siem Reap is the city with you’ll need to visit to see the temples. Its worth visiting for a couple of days as Angkor Watt and Ta Prohm are to be seen to be believed. Also make sure you visit Phnom Penh the capital, it is relatively easy to get to from Siem Reap by bus or boat and is a wonderful city that comes alive at night.

STAY: California 2 (Phnom Penh). One of my favorite hotels in the region. Its small, clean and affordable, with excellent service and legendary fish tacos. Located right on the water at Sisowath Quay, make this your only stop in Phnom Penh. Rooms are approx. $27 US/1,210 PHP/34 AUS

BUDGET: Less than $50 per person per day

4. Sri Lanka


What a wonderful little spot Sri Lanka is. I thoroughly recommend catching the train from Columbo to Kandy and really seeing some breathtaking landscapes. It has to be one of the best visual feasts imaginable.

This country is full of wonder and splendid food. From sunsets on the beach to B&B’s in Kandy, from lush vegetation to bustling cities, this really is a country worth exploring. Navigating your way around is relatively easy and also very affordable.

STAY: The Change (Kandy). A travelers choice award winning gem, that’s priced well. approx. $40 US/1,800 PHP/50 AUS

BUDGET: Around $50 per day per person

3. Vietnam


A country of multiple personalities, Vietnam really has it all. The working class buzz of Ho Chi Minh, to the beaches of Da Nang and up to the cosmopolitan city of Hanoi. This country has so much beauty and so much flair it really has to be seen. Ha Long Bay is a feast for the eyes and the thousands of little Pho shops all over the country provide a feast for the tummy.

The people are warm and accommodating and the country provides value for the traveler on almost every level. Enjoy the chaos, the charm and the wonderful countryside.

STAY: Nguyen Khang (Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, District 1). Right in the thick of that action, this little no frills hotel has all you need for a price that wont break the bank. Nothing fancy but leaving you more money for the things that matter.

BUDGET: Around $50 per day per person

2. Thailand


A favorite for decades for many Asian travelers and there is very good reason why. It has the modern commodities, the charm of yesterday, the beaches to wow and food to awaken all the senses. Thailand is as diverse and amazing as you could imagine and has something to suit every budget. If you’re sensible and don’t go over the top, Thailand still offers great value for money.

Get around as much as you can as there is so much to see. Its easy to get caught up in Bangkok, but this country is about SO much more than just one city.

STAY: Expressotel (Bangkok) This hidden gem is small, new and packs a luxury punch for such a low cost. I stay here when I visit Bangkok because you cant beat this place for value.

BUDGET: $50 – 60 per day per person

1. Borneo (Kota Kinabalu)


This is my favorite budget holiday destination right now. From the beautiful Mount Kinabalu, to Poring Hot Springs, to beaches and food, this place has it all. There is so much natural beauty here, as is the case for most of Malaysia. However Borneo is a quiet, relaxing and welcoming destination like no other.

As the secret has gotten out over the years, more and more luxury hotels have popped up, but there are still plenty of bargains to be had. Get out of the city, go to the mountain (climb it too for an amazing experience) and explore this wonderful holiday destination. It really is a wonderful budget holiday place.

STAY: Grand Borneo Hotel (Kota Kinabalu). Part of an entertainment complex/area, this great value comfortable hotel (despite being a little out of the city) is the perfect place to stay.

BUDGET: $50 to 75 per person per day.

Where is your favorite budget holiday destination?

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