5 places you’ve probably never been in the South Pacific

People keep asking me, “where is the best place to holiday of all the Pacific Islands?” My first and most obvious answer is Hawaii. However, what most people are really asking for, is a place that’s off the beaten track where they can walk long white sand beaches, get away from crowds and have the run of the place.

So I’ve decided to take a look a 5 Pacific Island destinations that you’ve probably never visited, that fit the bill. Warning: These places are always a little harder to get to, but you may never want to return home.

5. Western Samoa


If you haven’t been there, get there. Its cheaper than most of its neighbours, has warm tropical waters, largely secluded beaches and the Island of Savaii is one of the most underrated in the region. It has great beaches, wonderful fresh seafoods and transport that will blow your mind. They use jeepney like vehicles are as loud as their owners, often blast out reggae music and practice a weird phenomenon called stacking. What this means is when they start getting full, people start to sit on each others laps. It’s all good fun and Western Samoa is a great little getaway.

4. Kiribati


This is the main road in South Tarawa. Kiribati is made up of a number of atolls (think floating donut like islands with holes in the middle). Its an extremely poverty stricken place to visit with little to do or see, however it does provide some respite from more conventional places in the region. Most tourists (of which there are very few, but i can proudly boast I am one of them) go to kiritimati (Christmas Island) where the accommodations and surrounds are largely nicer.

3. Tuvalu


This microscopic Polynesian nation is an out of the way destination that few have ever visited. Its a tiny 26 sq KMs (10 sq Miles) and is hollow in the middle, meaning ocean on the outside and lagoon in the middle. Often touted as being in danger of sinking due to rising waters and global warming, this is a destination that might not be on the tourist map forever. Between Australia and Hawaii and most accessible from Fiji, this is a truly out of the way destination.

2. Yap


Photo – Courtesy of Brad Holland

Yap is one of the more fun places to visit in Micronesia and like Samoa, should be on your list of places to visit. With a very cool vibe, think Hawaii 50 years ago, a welcoming and friendly race of people, good food, culture on display wherever you look and amazing beaches, this place has it all. It’s famous for its stone money relics and it’s wonderful hospitality. This is one of those destinations that will have you talking for many, many years.

1. Kauai


Yes, Kauai is an island of Hawaii. No, it’s not cheating because chances are you’ve never been, even if you’ve been to Hawaii. This place is mind-blowing. Think Jurassic Park, Lost and about a million other things that have been filmed here. This place is a picture postcard wherever you look, from the NaPali coast which is only accessible via helicopter or boat, to Waimea, this beautiful island has everything from turtles to surf, from beaches to luaus, from hiking to adventure sports and more importantly, it has a reputation for being called one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Get there NOW!

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Where is the most remote Pacific Island destination you have ever been? We would love to hear


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