The American Election – Mainstream Media vs Social Media.

Besides this being the most farcically run race to the whitehouse in modern history, where both candidates sling mud at one another from across the room in debates and in general, this is also the most fascinating election of any country. Here is why.

The world has changed, the American public has grown tired of the political landscape, growing unemployment and an economy that is on its knees. In April of this year a poll showed that 80% of all Americans surveyed were unhappy with the way the government was being run. However, the Republicans have nominated a candidate in Donald Trump (DJT) that would make Hillary Clinton (HRC) quietly confident of her chances in getting elected. He’s not what people had in mind when they think of change and so begins the head scratching. So, who do you vote for if you are sick of the way things are and you don’t like the nomination for change?

Trump shattered the primary Republican vote by a record breaking 1.4 million votes. Most of the GOP were hesitant to support him and why not? The media hate him. So why is he so close in the polls? He got as close as 2.7% on the 4 party view and has since dropped back to around 8% due to the release of his lewd remarks. That gap will surely close following more recent polls due to his stronger performance in the 2nd debate.

If you look at the polls, or watch mainstream American news, or even read most American news papers, they lean heavily to the left and in favor of Hillary Clinton. Some articles suggest that up to 80% of mainstream media support the Democrat candidate. Here is the one fact that nobody seems to be covering or understanding though. Look at the rallys, DJT is getting crowds and turnouts that dwarf HRC turnouts. Why? Americans also don’t trust mainstream media, they are not stupid and understand there is bias involved but what they underestimate is these 2 things. 1) Support at rally equates to people turning out. When it comes to election day, that’s what you need, a loyal base that turns out. That’s one point to DJT. 2) Social media is becoming far more influential than mainstream media. DJT has that space covered too, hence the massive turnouts at his rallys.

If people learned anything in the recent Philippine elections, it was this. Duterte, the current president was given no chance by the mainstream media. They attempted to ensure his reputation was destroyed and to ensure he wasn’t voted for. Guess what? He won the election through Facebook and social media.

Make no mistake, Millennials aren’t the only ones who are preferring their news to come from social media than mainstream media, they are just one small group.

So when you next turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper and read that there is a huge gap between the two parties, just remember, social media will win this debate, it now has far more reach than the mainstream media.

Who do you think will win this election?


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